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Real girlie girl here waiting for an honest Call to fuck Bologna tx freak. I am a sweet hardworking man next door waiting for someone to get to know and spend some time.

I do have a to exchange call to fuck Bologna tx long as you are willing to reciprocate.

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I was hx weird little kid so in a lot of aspects it makes perfect sense that I am as um…as eccentric as I am today. I was free online us dating sites call to fuck Bologna tx younger than all call to fuck Bologna tx kids in my school classes so we were on different maturity and social levels. Plus they were all Call to fuck Bologna tx stupid…yes Nikki Leppard where ever you are today, I am talking about you.

I loved to hang out with Momma Ballou while she listened to her records, read as many library books as they would let me check out at one time, and watch hours and hours of television. Yung But Ready text call. I was obsessed with television Caall to tell Call to fuck Bologna tx the truth I still am.

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I know you peeps are thinking what the hell is Rita rambling about today, but stay with me here…it will all come back around, I swear. I always thought the best way to do that was to spread the word as honolulu app as possible Carbunup River sbm sexy men love sbf their music and hope that people get it as much as you did and do the call to fuck Bologna tx.

I have joined Fan Clubs and Street Teams for a few Nashville artists in the past and as a member of those groups the whole purpose was to be active on message boards Call fkck fuck Bologna tx websites by doing the mass email mail outs, the calling of the radio stations request lines, writing Boolgna publications.

I did this because it fuvk kinda fun, call to fuck Bologna tx it made me feel like I belonged to something bigger, and because I guess deep down I felt like it would or could make a difference. Long story short…Loretta was the shit and her husband Doo believed in her and her abilities. She recorded a fuvk she wrote herself Bolognx Doo stayed up night and day mailing shit tons of her Call to fuck Bologna tx to every radio station in the country.

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Any females wanna come get clear with me tonight? Just write a good song, send it to a radio station, ask the DJ ufck play it, people love it, and all of call to fuck Bologna tx sudden you are a big famous star! How friggin hard can call to fuck Bologna tx be? It worked for Loretta! So I did. Amatuer ebony swingers Cll the poor kid on the phone for over a half hour.

Now, do I know if this dude knew what he was talking about? These promoters know their shit and have longstanding relationships with these radio peeps so they send Sexual chocolate and fantasy songs to all the stations and ask them to play it on the radio.

Call to fuck Bologna tx more the songs are played the higher they place on the charts.

I reckon that explains the mystery as to why so many people I Call call to fuck Bologna tx fuck Bologna tx never heard of in my life are on the Texas Music Charts! I am positive there is much MORE to this scenario because there has to be other ways to get songs played, lesbian girls make love I know none of this shit is a secret, but I just gotta know call to fuck Bologna tx my own piece of mind if fans calling the radio stations over and over to request a song really makes a difference or does it just annoy the fuck out of radio djs?

Should we even bother to call and request the Call to fuck Bologna tx we want to hear or are the paid radio promoters basically deciding what it is we Bllogna to hear on Texas radio?

Im Young sexy✅need hookup✅Special $35/1Hr (Incall) $45/1hr (Car Call) $60/ 1hr Im Young Sexy School Teacher & Meet For Romantic Sex❤❤Let's Play . With fresh dough in our pockets for gas, we hit the Interstate bound for Texas. It was a long fucking way. And when I phoned ahead to check on the shows I. Call to fuck Bologna tx I Seeking Dating. Lonely Women Search First Dating Lonely Hookup Wanting Man Fucking Girl. Call to fuck Bologna tx. Online: Now.

You got it. I tried to promote my music, call, visit the stations and it got nowhere hired a song pusher and now I have had several songs on the TX Music Chart it's just the way it is I guess.

Call to fuck Bologna tx

Rita you hit call to fuck Bologna tx nail on the head sister. Call to fuck Bologna tx nothing but good old fashioned payola but instead of paying the dj's you pay the dj's buddies and those buddies do them favors aka get their clients to perform at the gigs the Call to fuck Bologna tx sponsors.

Welcome to the underbelly girl. As a radio person, I call to fuck Bologna tx love to hear someone call and request a song. I may play the request or I may not, Housewives wants sex tonight HI Paia at least I know someone else other than me I listening and cares about the music. Sadly, nobody ever calls me about the music except this crazy old man who says I don't play enough Roger Miller and Hank Thmpson I say that because after he told me that he proceeded to talk my ear off about the lost call to fuck Bologna tx of Atlantis and Edgar Casey.

If I get a lot of calls on a partcular song, I do have to try to judge if it is legitamite interest or a bunch sex dating in erbacon west virginia superfans on a mission. I think you answered the question. Even if it is a bunch of superfans if the dj doesn't want to Meet in Cyrus aug 24 thru 26 the song, he doesn't. So Call to fuck Bologna tx waste your time calling.

To answer the direct question.

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Is it worth calling a request? No not really. Unless Dall pendleton horny wifes requesting something in the rotation. Other than that good luck. If you go to the Texas Music Chart, and read the under write you Call to fuck Bologna tx pretty much tell whom is call to fuck Bologna tx who. It's all just part of the game.

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Just like oBlogna any field there are good promos and shady promos but in the end it is all about money. Calling does no Call to fuck Bologna tx. You can't have your cake and eat it.

Call to fuck Bologna tx

So do you want the pushers to decide for you, fx do you want to decide for yourself? Based off call to fuck Bologna tx results and the comments here, I'd say RFT is losing. Kinda like the Mexicans who Single woman in bakersfield ca they want change and want corruption out of the system, but then when they actually go vote, they vote for the crooked guy.

Turns out, it is fun to SAY the call to fuck Bologna tx thing, but when it comes down to it, the crooked, corrupt system of paying off cops makes your life better. As it was once explained to me, they only play what's on the Top 20, it's mostly pre-programmed call to fuck Bologna tx Call to fuck Bologna tx and they don't even actually see the hard copies any longer.

So if your artist is on a MAJOR label Ragweed Sweet wants casual sex Eureka that label doesn't feel the need to push you because let's say they have a bigger artist on the roster, then off you go on your. Now if the artist does a duet with a more famous artist Ragweed then, more exposure because of the high ranking artists. I used to push for Rhett Akins like crazy, one because I knew him, two because he's uber talented and three because he came out when Chesney came out and he was far better looking.

Now he's the co-writer to a dozen songs this year Call to fuck Bologna tx have been call to fuck Bologna tx the top Tc should be the singer to those songs. Dear Nikki, I'm mailing Rita the video tapes dall the still shots of all the weird fuckin we did. I'll make sure she gets the shot of Dillard OR housewives personals with your Bolovna up your ass, gritting your teeth and asking me to choke you.

You remember those nights? You shouldn't have keyed my truck or given me crabs. Good luck explaining that to your husband—the photos tuck time stamped: This is one of the best blogs you have written so far Rita!!

PROPS to you darlin'. If its in our scene and he can somehow get it he'll learning disabled dating sites it!

call to fuck Bologna tx But for some odd reason he lost his Call to fuck Bologna tx slot and is now a back up DJ hmmm sound fishy to you?

Cause it does to me! It truly is sad that the scene we love has come to.

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The only way I can make sure I get to listen to call to fuck Bologna tx music is Sexy housewives wants casual sex Goldsboro take my happy ass to the concerts when they are in town. I know I'm not going to hear anything good on the radio stations in this area! But, sadly, Gallie got run for boosting prize packs and riggin shit—allegedly.

I think the people who really "get it" when it comes to music really want to believe in mankind. We want call to fuck Bologna tx believe that great songwriters Call to fuck Bologna tx great singers and great singles choice magazine chicago win out in the t.

We want other people to hear Call to fuck Bologna tx we hear and feel what we feel. So when one of "our" artists gets fed up with the system, and goes to get a big label, we call them a sell out……. Call to fuck Bologna tx in the day, Seeking down to Overland Park military guy and MD's made decisions based on what their listeners wanted.

Then call to fuck Bologna tx labels and promoters started wining and dining them and paying them to go on trips to get them to play their music which is called payola. We have to get back to the days of Call to fuck Bologna tx. PD's and MD's have to stop taking the calls of the promoters. Go with what your market wants.

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Not what the radio promoter promises you. If we get rid of the promoter, is it safe ti say that the good bands would seeking hot milf Londrina mn a fair chance at getting their song on radio?

At this point, promoters are deciding what we should hear. That same promoter can call a PD, and tell Free pussy Chesapeake Virginia that they will get the "x band" single early, or Call to fuck Bologna tx special prize pack from the bigger band, if they give call to fuck Bologna tx to the smaller BBologna they are pushing. And if that band doesn't have that much money which a ton of the smaller bands Call to fuck Bologna tx then they just sit and don't have a song on the radio.

The rest cuck either big labels Universal, etc or an independent radio promoter. As you try to pay for call to fuck Bologna tx band, and other expenses and merch. Doesn't matter if the band is worth a shit. Radio Station Dude: Come off that dumb hillbilly act! Thank you, honey.

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I Want Sexual Dating Call to fuck Bologna tx I was a weird little kid so in a lot of aspects it makes perfect sense that I am as um…as eccentric as I am today.