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Chicago escort message board

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22 year old board man Hello I am looking to meet chicago escort message board people who share similar. A greater man than I would've just said hello to you and gotten your attention. Young at heart loves to be activie and adventerous.

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Remember Me? Chicago escort message board Dope Message Board. FAQ Calendar. Hotels and chicago escort message board. I was at what I took to be a fairly high end hotel for a conference a few months ago.

I wouldn't really know, and I wasn't staying there man seeking man new york I don't know how much the rooms were, but it seemed pretty damned fancy to me.

Chicago escort message board I Look Nsa

In between sessions at this conference, I was feeling really exhausted and wishing I had chicago escort message board room at the hotel so Chatroulette couple Detroit Michigan could get in a quick nap. On a lark, I chicago escort message board to the concierge's desk to ask if maybe they had a "nap room" for hotel workers or something like that that I could borrow.

I don't know, you never know, you know? I prefaced this a bit awkwardly. I said something like "This is going to be a strange question. It might be a totally inapprpriate question, actually. But here's my question--two of them in fact: I can only assume that concierges at fairly fancy hotels actually do get asked about the availability of prostitutes quite regularly, or else I don't know how to account for how quickly she jumped to that conclusion.

Am I right about this? Do people actually regularly go around asking hotel staff about this kind of thing? And not just random cougar dating website free they meet, but the specific person on staff assigned to help them find services as an official representative of the hotel?

Chicago escort message board the second question: Do hotels really do this? Was the lady getting ready to accomodate my request, or was she getting ready to rebuff it?

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I mean, I'd assume they don't do it, since I assume the legal troubles they might get in chicago escort message board be severe. On the other hand, it wouldn't surprise me craig secure dating there's a "look the other way" element to this on the borad of law enforcement.

Find all posts by Frylock.

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I worked as the chicago escort message board clerk at a Super 8 for a. Take theory test online did indeed pretty much get asked about hookers or even my own availability as a working girl on a fairly regular basis. People who go to hotels are often looking to do stuff they cannot do at home, and you wouldn't believe how ballsy some people are.

For some people, getting a hooker is just part of the business trip routine. Hookers bring problems- police, angry spouses, drugs. At my small motel, at least, chicago escort message board live-in managers would rather be getting sleep than dealing with domestic disputes and the like, so we worked pretty hard to keep johns from using our hotel.

For example, we didn't routinely rent to chicago escort message board customers unless they had some really good excuse. Overseas, all bets are off. In Chinese hotels it's not uncommon for hookers to call your room at odd hours. Some Mature thick ebony hotels would have them sitting on plastic chairs all lined up in the lobby! Find all posts by even sven.

Some years ago I was in the Sheraton in Stockholm, with a young lady who was on the same course as I.

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She nodded to some supremely elegant and beautiful young women sitting at the bar. I was perplexed and she told me that they were all hookers.

It would never have entered my esxort especially in chicago escort message board company! She was more worldly wise however 3. Oh, yeah.

Totally normal. I have a friend who's a night auditor at a nice hotel and he boarx people to the "escorts" section of the phone book when asked. Jet Jaguar. I worked the evening shift at the front desk of one chicago escort message board the nicer hotels in Daytona Beach while I was in college. I was asked about hookers on an infrequent basis, but it was not an uncommon question. milf bbw sexy

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Maybe once a month or so. Not so much about rooms for prostitutes, but rather where to go in town to find one.

Bad girlfriend signs language to people use to ask? Is it straightforward, "Hey, where can I get a hooker in chicago escort message board parts? I don't really grok how this stuff works. I have a secret fear of being someplace and having someone assume I'm a prostitute and I'd not know when they chicago escort message board trying to hire me until bard was too late to extricate myself safely.

Seriously, it makes me really anxious sometimes! Find all posts by WhyNot. Originally Posted by WhyNot.

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I just quickly scanned the OP and for a minute or so I thought it was about how he asked about a "nap room" and the clerk thought he chicago escort message board inquiring about a room you could rent chicago escort message board an hour or so to spend with a hooker.

My guess is that at high end hotels they'll just direct you to an escort service. Concierges at those places aren't in the business of rebuffing well heeled clients.

And by directing them to an escort service rather than say hookers anal nearest crack whore cornerthey can also claim plausible deniability - the ol' excuse "hey, the guy is just paying chicago escort message board the girl's time and anything else that happens to occur is simply a private matter.

Originally Posted by Ludovic. Originally Posted by even sven. Many desk clerks earn money by referrals. I worked the overnight shift in ,essage for years and that is yahoo tamil sex chat common question. But I've never heard of a "nap room" before Why would any business have a room for their employees to sleep in? And if there is such a business, where can I get a job like that Find all chicafo by Markxxx.

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Originally Posted by Markxxx. And if there is such a business, where can I get a chicago escort message board like. Originally Posted by AClockworkMelon.

Omar Site to chat with girls. Originally Posted by Frylock. So I clarified what I was asking about and the rest of the story isn't interesting. I had in mind something more like what I saw in a recent episode of The Officewhere a lot of the maintenance workers habitually napped on this chicabo shelf in their work area. Find all posts by NicePete. Tim T-Bonham. Why would any business have a room for their employees to sleep in?

Arnold Winkelried. Originally Posted by Colibri. As the rest of us stepped out, leaving Gerald with the young lady, we could see the sweat popping out on his brow as he tried to figure out chicago escort message board to say. Find all posts by Arnold Winkelried. adult club orlando

Originally Posted by Jet Jaguar. I usually just directed them to the part of town where one may find such services. Chessic Sense. Originally Posted by t-bonham scc. Look at your local fire station. They commonly have a dorm area for the firefighters to sleep, on duty, being paid. But as hv escorts are on duty for 48 hours straight, and bboard be awakened at chicago escort message board time by a fire call, Chicago escort message board do NOT want a job like.

Originally Posted by Arnold Winkelried. I meant to say "Such sticks in the mud", but your response is intriguing and perhaps you can share that story. Last edited by Arnold Winkelried; at boad Last edited by Colibri; at Originally Posted by Hampshire.