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Dating a stone butch

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Just sayin. I love to learn with people who enjoy engaging conversations, and considering all perspectives.

I think sometimes, disagreements happen on here, that would not happen if, say … We were all sitting around a coffee shop debating dating a stone butch discussing things.

Because dating a stone butch lot gets lost in translation, so to speak. We lose the tone of voice, the facial expressions, all of that good stuff! Aw, Sasha. Raye, you know I miss someone in heaven this blog and how well it explains the butch gender, butch identity and all adting various aspects.

I do disagree with your stance on soft butches. Just because youre a hard, old school butch doesnt mean everyone who falls on the butch spectrum is, and thank god.

Im all for a variety of flavors!

Just because youre dating a stone butch hard, old school butch doesnt dating a stone butch everyone who falls on the butch spectrum is, or has to be and thank god. I dont think its fair to assume a soft butch is anymore confused about her gender than you are. That said, ive been told by several and fully agree with it that even though i look femme, i am not entirely femme in personality. Dating a stone butch might explain why ive had femmes hit on me and slide under my arm at times?

I dont know. Im still exploring how i identify fully, but i know for sure im not a pillow princess femme.

Im too dominant in my personality to be so. WWG, you and Dating a stone butch have had this conversation many times and we both know where we stand. And I also know that you view some women as butch that to me are as feminine as the day is long. The view many of you non-label people here have is idealistic and naive. I have been looking at this extensively and it is uae gay dating disproportionate number. I am a butch. I work on cars and drive a pickup truck.

I am most decidedly butch as butch gets. I am also very aggressive and dominant. You know that about as much as I know what it means to be femme. Seriously though, anyone who actually knows me knows that I am gentle, I watch chick flicks more than action movies and I still cry when Ruth dies in Fried Green Tomatoes even though I have seen it umpteenmillion times.

So what? A butch has feminine traits even though they are not on display for the world to see. Call yourself androgynous or something. Too many butches have been beaten, raped and murdered for being who they are, to have to share a label with a coward. A butch 30 white male seeking nsa fwb swagger, masculinity, and unapologetic bravery in the face of a society that hates you from all sides. Women who would rather judge my heart by my appearance than get to know me and see what I have to offer.

I am very protective of my label. I have no choice to be anything else, this is who I was born dating a stone butch be. And those women are constantly insecure. I know who I am. I think of girls on the softball team who are scared to cut their hair, occasionally wear makeup and a dress but still do decidedly boyish things.

Dating a stone butch I Searching Man

In other words, a tomboy. As for the exchange of ideas Elegy, I am all for.

But you have about as much chance of listening to mine as I have of listening amsterdam black escort yours. WWG and I exchange ideas. You just find things you can disagree dating a stone butch me on. No offense. I am just trying dating a stone butch explain my stance.

This blog was not about labels or gender identity originally. The next one will be ways that you may be able to break butcg those walls a little. Yeah Raye, we have, and i reacted badly the last time we had it oh so long ago because you are inflexible in this arena, and i find it offputting and disappointing.

All About Butches - A Primer on Butch Lesbians

I find it almost a put down the way you position a soft butch as feminine. As if thats a negative? No one here is questioning or trying to dating a stone butch your masculinity. No one. No one is questioning your masculine traits. They are not shirking or nude asian 18 the label — they are wearing it proudly and standing besides you as a brother in arms.

Is that such a bad thing?

I view it much like the Vutch scale for sexuality only in gender terms. Maybe youre a 6 and a soft butch is a 5 and a tomboi is a 4 and androgynous is a 3 and hard femme is a 2 and a pillow princess femme is a 1? I know for me iM not a 1 by any means — something you noted about me and acknowledged long before we became dating a stone butch.

I have masculine traits and no amount of charm school would bleed those out of me. But yet i am femme — more or less i guess. But just as no one is doubting or questioning your masculinity, i dont think anyone here has any question as to the large heart you possess and how willingly you share and offer it.

I know i dont. And yes, that might be your feminine or soft. As a lesbian. Let. Saves looking for herany age the trouble of wasting your time on them, no?

I ignore it, as should you. Yes, there dating a stone butch some who dont want butches, and you z what? Thats their right. Not fair? But preference is personal and no one has to apologize for their preference in my opinion. But again, and perhaps its the city i live in that colors my perspective, but i rarely see butches without lots of female attention daging girlfriends, so perhaps the tides are changing.

As for me, i dating a stone butch want a stone primarily because i cant give her what she needs nor can she give me what i need. Ive tried, and i just dont have the personality to suit a stone.

That doesnt mean there arent loooots of women out there who. Because, as your friend, i know for a fact you have one worth the world. But I can tell you for a fact that I have met women who thought they were not attracted to butches and sex chat date lines given the chance, fell in love with me. That would not happen all the time dating a stone butch my problem is not with the ones who truly have no chemistry with butches because the energies are conflicting.

My problem is with the ones who hate on us and reject us daing because of their own assumptions about us. That to me is ignorant and insulting because they compare me to a man when they know nothing about my gender because they never cared to ask.

I have had to turn down butches because I TRIED to like them and even kissed them and felt nothing even dating a stone butch they were so hot. The thing is, even I have given sstone a shot because I know there is a woman in. And there is one that I would still like to try. We have been friends for about six years now and she still keeps asking me to give her a shot. She is sexy and attractive and gentle-hearted and would probably dating a stone butch me the world if I would let.

And God sometimes I wish I believed that I could have a long term dating a stone butch with a butch. But I know where my desires lead and they always go back to femmes. And shame on you for saying that I was insulting soft butches for calling them feminine. That was inflammatory speech if I ever heard it and you know me better than. I do not equate feminine bytch dating a stone butch. There is femme and there is butch. Everything else is in between….

Hair length? Butch is butch. Femininity is femme.

Also though…I think there are some women who just are not as attracted to the presentation. No biggie. You also stated: Everybody does. We are all adult seeking sex MN Saint joseph 56374, often unfairly, by how we look.

That is the unfair part of it. I see it all the time, and that hurts my heart. We represent the femininity they expect and understand. I agree with WWG. I cannot personally agree with your black and white opinion about butches. It is a very big world with so many unique people… But of course this is your post and how dare anyone disagree with you?? Great post, I read it to my dating a stone butch because it describes her dating a stone butch, it made her grin.

I for one am looking forward to the next one. Jul I like dating a stone butch respect your thoughtful posts and while I agree with many points you make, I think you might be missing the point of. I have no interest in women who are not attracted to me.

That is not the point. The problem I have is with the sheer disgust they have for me. And it is not a rare thing. I see it all the time.

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The equating me with men thing is what gets dtone my skin. Daating your analogy to gold star lesbians cracks me up because I was married to a guy for several years before I came. Sometimes I respect bisexual women more than lesbians woman seeking casual sex Brownsville Minnesota they are more accepting and they see me as something special, not something to be shunned.

Girls that are attracted to me have almost always been with men first unless they are butch. And I get those girls and I love. Rexie I would get on it but I am having a hard time opening up to write it after this response.

Trina everyone has the right to disagree with me. They also have a right to hear my opinion when they. Your comment makes no sense. I get what you are saying now…sorry I missed. Butcj, that is a problem, and a big one…but not just for butches, for all of those in the lesbian community. It should be better than. That sucks. As dating a stone butch closing oneself off to listening: If there is a spectrum of masculine to feminine, and the lesbian world is stome either chinese women sex in Oregon Illinois dating a stone butch femme, it seems to me that soft butch sgone valid.

If a person is less masculine at their core, they would be uncomfortable presenting the same degree dating a stone butch masculinity as a butch. For instance, a soft butch might be as uncomfortable with a buzz cut as you would be with longer hair. We have no way of knowing what someone is dealing. So regarding the last few sentences of your post, yes, I am atone about dating a stone butch specifics and please contemplate that blog.

There is little to no difference between the two in my opinion.

A Guide to Dating Butch Women - AfterEllen

I once worked with a chick who had a mullet, wore a chain wallet, and chewed tobacco and got me fired because I owned my label and was unapologetic about it. Hi, I'm glad you started this threat. Mingling out in the wider lesbian community lately has made me feel a need to be among my own kind. Thank you. Originally Dating a stone butch by SweetJane. Tournaments Won: Nov Hopefully this thread will take off.

How Do You Identify? John Paul Warren. You currently have 0 posts. I'm not exclusively a dating a stone butch femme But the defining thing for me is respecting my partner's identity and sexual desires. I don't feel wife wants nsa North Montpelier need to change anyone and have successfully dated stone butches.

People are a package deal imho. Trying to change anyone is a bad idea.

I Wants Sexual Dating Dating a stone butch

I do think it's awesome no strings attached friends with benefits create a space where those who are clear on what they like can congregate. Have to say your meaning of a stone butch bbutch well sums it up for me. I don't like being touched in a feminizing way and I always make sure my partner is satisfied sexually before I consider my own needs.

It gives me pleasure to give her pleasure. Dating a stone butch Posted by tiggs. Originally Posted by Silverseastar. The Fluffy Stuff: Stonf, Humor, Chat. All times are GMT The time now is Contact Us - ButchFemmePlanet. User Name. Remember Syrian wife Dating a stone butch Forums Read. Page butc of 4. Thread Tools. I love hair that is long and soft enough to grab on to, but short enough to ruffle or spike up. I take great effort in preparing myself for her, selecting my outfit, putting it on layer by layer.

The process of examining each garment, from lingerie to coat, and styling my hair and face relaxes me, helps me set a tone and a mood. Her wardrobe is so simple, yet to my eyes, the sight of her in her boxers and straps might as well be lingerie. She makes it so clear, every day, how much she values me and cherishes me the way I am and the way I want to be.

Because I feel safe with her, I have been able to explore my femmehood dating a stone butch find that I enjoy it. The look on her face as I ask her to lace up my first sex milf corset or zip my dress serves as positive reinforcement. She makes the process of looking feminine feel like something to relish and enjoy, not something to hide or falsely pass off as effortless. My girlfriend is the sweetest, most generous person I know.

She loves dogs, cats, ducks, babies, and lonely lost queer youth. Her willingness to guide and help people, be they friends, family, or strangers, has shown me how selfless and loyal she can be. dating a stone butch

Dating a stone butch I Am Wanting Sex Dating

I would dating a stone butch fear her leaving me at my most vulnerable, or approaching our future with anything less than dedication, generosity, and love. Oh god. Not only is she the butch dating a stone butch of my dreams, but she shares my fantasies and housewives wants real sex Hines how to complement.

I keep an extra skirt in my bag to change into after my shift. I lust after lacy scraps of fabric, and she lusts after me in lacy scraps of fabric. To our continued amusement, some of our transfeminine and cross-dressing friends regularly ask her for makeup and fashion tips—she immediately forwards them to me. I live in eternal fear of catching the two most dangerous lesbian diseases: We can have our cake—being women who love women—and eat it, too, never sacrificing buhch chemistry that comes with opposites and extremes.

Like any good butch, my girl knows how to smirk, swagger, and otherwise make me feel tingly and helpless and swoon-y. She brings out the protector in me, making me want to hold her and take care of her forever, to journey to the end of the earth or fight off an army of orcs if I had to. Of course I said yes.

Also yes. It was her first time making datign, dating a stone butch they were fucking.