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Is it a sin to kiss your boyfriend Search Private Sex

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Is it a sin to kiss your boyfriend

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Hanley Swan Exotic Personals

Is it wrong to kiss your boyfriend? I know that some people wait until they get married to kiss. Great question.

I've thought boyvriend lot about this question from two points of view. The first point of view is -- is it a sin to kiss your boyfriend?

I don't think it is. A kiss is a pleasurable thing and can be quite innocent.

The second point of view is -- is there any good reason to wait until you are married to kiss? I think so!

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Here are a few:. It stirs up desires within the couple that they are not ready to act. So a kiss can cause a great deal of struggle and confusion in a relationship.

If you walked in and ypur me kissing a man who was not my husband, you'd be scandalized -- and rightfully so! You see, deep down, we all know that a kiss is something so much more than "just a kiss"!

Remember, each time you kiss a boyfriend -- you are possibly kissing someone kizs future husband. Wouldn't you want your future husband to save latina stippers his kisses for you?

Each time you dip into that treasure chest you are robbing your future husband of his rightful treasure! What a shame it would be to get to your wedding night and find that your treasure chests are depleted, adult action cam even empty!

My recommendation is this: Store up the treasure of your physical affection before marriage and you'll find that the pleasure and excitement of married love will be far greater than you could ever imagine! This is God's great plan and design -- what an awesome God we have!

If you save your best for God, than He'll be free to give you His best! Dear Meghan, Great question.

Here are a few: In His Name, Carmen.