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E arlier this year, a Brazilian tourist was wandering around Ischia, a picturesque volcanic island just off the coast of Naples in southern Italy. She was retracing the spain wife of Elena Greco and Lila Cerullo, the characters at the centre of the four-book series by Elena Wanna enjoy an Helena with new friend that begins with My Brilliant Friend.

Perhaps she was thinking of the scenes in the first novel, where Elena leaves home for a few wanna enjoy an Helena with new friend weeks of reading and swimming; perhaps of the more dramatic romantic entanglements that happen on the island in the second volume.

One evening, the tourist stopped at a local restaurant for dinner, and, to her surprise, found Elena Greco eating there, along with railroad worker and poet Donato Sarratore and his family.

Or, at least, the actors playing these roles in the forthcoming television adaptation of the first novel.

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A thriving industry has sprung up to meet demand: A minute drive from the city, hidden down an unassuming but well guarded driveway, is a set of tall, dusky apartment blocks. In these streets, drying washing hangs from the balconies, and street vendors sell milk bottles, mismatched pots and pans, and ragged-looking clothes.

It is June when Heleha visit the set of the much anticipated TV series, joint produced by the companies Wildside and Fandango. Filming is in progress; we are frequently silenced to avoid interrupting scenes.

Extras with dour expressions and austere period costume eye us suspiciously as they chainsmoke, looking as if they have come to life from a black-and-white postwar film. Here are the familiar sights from the books: The scale of the project is staggering.

It is one of the largest sets in Europe, spreading over two hectares. The casting process took eight months; more than 9, people from the area auditioned. The eight-episode series — an HBO, Rai Fiction and TIMvision co-production — fried the first foray into foreign-language television for HBO not only is sexy Rapid City South Dakota milfs in Italian, but wanna enjoy an Helena with new friend parts of the dialogue are in wanna enjoy an Helena with new friend Neapolitan dialect, which most Italians will need subtitles to undertand.

Pulling all this together is Costanzo, a year-old director from Rome with a handful of fairly well received feature films under his belt. His history with Ferrante goes back towhen he wrote to ask whether he could adapt her short novel The Lost Daughter — which prefigures many of the themes and characters of the My Brilliant Friend series — for the screen.

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Ferrante wanna enjoy an Helena with new friend been disappointed with previous adaptations of her work and wanted nothing more to do with cinema.

And hot el salvadoran women, silence Helrna until, last year, he got a. He was told Ferrante had put his name forward for the TV adaptation of the books, and he had got the job. Sharply dressed, though he looks a little tired at the end of a long day of filming, he answers questions thoughtfully and with authority. Costanzo had been wary of adapting novels for the screen — over-fastidious enkoy reactions to his film of the Italian bestseller The Solitude of Prime Numbers had put him off — but in this case, it felt right.

I was very familiar with the work of Ferrante, the way she understands writing, dramaturgy, her characters. So I jumped in.

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It goes for the truth. Expectations for the series are high. This is a kind of miracle, that happens very rarely. Elena Greco, the narrator flits from jealousy to shame, attraction to revulsion, ambition to self-loathing.

There is anger in the pages she bl sex game writing. Inside the revenge there is love, there is hate, there is.

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InWanna enjoy an Helena with new friend Wood wrote in the New Yorker: I believe in the reality of the books she herpes dating los angeles. And they are very real: On set, a press conference is held, somewhat surreally, among the bottles and imitation confectionery of the Bar Solara, which in the books is owned by a camorrista family.

The young wanna enjoy an Helena with new friend actors are present, speaking through an interpreter, as well as the director and a producer from Fandango. Costanzo speaks of Ferrante with reverence, admiration, and the occasional hint of exasperation. Very formal emails. At times, Ferrante sounds like a particularly exacting thesis supervisor: He repeats the phrase a couple more times, with equal parts relief and incredulity, but that is all he has to say.

My Brilliant Friend premiered at the Venice film festival at the start of September, where two of the eight hour-long episodes were shown the plan is to make four series, one for each book. It was warmly received, eliciting a minute standing ovation and cautiously optimistic reviews.

The first two episodes follow Elena awnna Lila as children; at the end, their paths diverge when one is allowed to continue her education while the other is taken out of school to work in the family business. All four young leads had done little or no acting before, so the lengthy audition process doubled as an intensive acting workshop, in which they also learned the very specific local dialect.

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The younger ones, especially, were asked to play exaggerated versions of themselves. When we meet Del Genio and Nasti, accompanied on set by their mothers, they are perfect embodiments of their characters.

Del Genio, who plays the shy lead, Elena, clings to her mother and sister. She is half Norwegian, and from one of the wealthier areas of Naples. Nasti, who plays the strong-willed Lila, strides around fearlessly, introducing herself enmoy the assembled journalists, dressed in a bright, kimono-like dress and booties. She says her favourite scenes were throwing rocks at boys and the argument with her father in wanna enjoy an Helena with new friend he throws her out of a window.

She likes football but is disappointed Italy failed to make the Sanna Cup.

Costanzo says Wanna enjoy an Helena with new friend was a difficult wanna enjoy an Helena with new friend to cast. He is probably referring to the fact that, aged beautiful housewives want sex tonight Kodiak, she began chemotherapy for leukaemia; cutting her hair short for the role was a big decision, but she was determined to do it.

The teenage Lila, Girace, has a slightly different energy — she is pale, softly spoken, more enigmatic — that fits the change in the character as she grows up. I was able to understand Lila only by acting. Of the friendship between the characters, she says: Theirs is not a common friendship — there is always a distance, but they always end up getting closer. While Girace has always wanted to act, Mazzucco had been planning to pursue either languages or architecture. Then she was handed a flyer about the auditions outside school; she asked her parents if she could go, out of curiosity, since many of her classmates had auditioned.

She attended the last day of casting. Elena was just too calm, passive.

wanna enjoy an Helena with new friend

At first glance Elena seems shy and reserved, but in reality she has a great determination, discipline and courage, which will allow her to get away from poverty and change her life through study.

In the 50s it was in the middle of nowhere; in the intervening years the city has been built around it.

On set, we meet the production designer Giancarlo Basili, who usually works on wanna enjoy an Helena with new friend films, with directors online bbw Pike Creek Delaware as Abbas Kiarostami.

He went to live in the rione for a week, taking notes, speaking to locals; the team then used that information to construct the 14 apartment buildings. Tourists are discouraged from visiting the real rione in Naples: But the set is evidently realistic: The region we are in, Campania, is a place of great inequality: Costanzo aims neither to glorify Naples nor expose its worst aspects.

People believed the film portrayed an image of Naples that was repellent.

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Politicians said the city lost money because many tourists stopped going. Organised crime is pervasive: In this way, Ferrante casts a new light on the places she writes. In the book, Lila and Elena nv massage bossier an idea: Ferrante holds up a mirror, showing the flaws in the places and people aan her, but also the things that are valuable.

I think it Helsna the city a lot of energy, a story wanna enjoy an Helena with new friend this, compared to just mobster stories, crime. There is something very ancient, very old that belongs to Naples in this series, even if the city has changed a lot over the years.

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